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Commercial Grade Tar and Gravel Roof Installation and Repair Services

Greater Vancouver Roofing’s expert roofers have over 25 years’ experience installing and repairing built-up roofing systems. This means that we get the job done quickly and thoroughly, keeping your project costs as low as possible.

We work within your tastes, applying the style of roofing that is best for your commercial building. As always, our employees stay with you until the end, making sure every aspect of the project is completed and checked before moving on.

Do to the sheer size and complexity of most projects, this is not the roofing style you would want to attempt yourself. Entrust the safety of your building to skilled trade contractors who only work with professional tools, materials, and techniques.

What Is a Built-up Roof?

A built-up roof (also known as BUR or tar and gravel) uses several layers of roofing material to provide protection from the elements. Roofing material is laid down in layers, separated by a coat of tar. The top layer is spread with gravel or a coat of reflective paint, which is applied to protect the roofing materials from the harmful rays of direct sunlight.


Our Process

During the processes of installing a built-up roof, Greater Vancouver Roofing takes the following steps:

  1. Ensure the plan complies with building requirements
  2. Check for necessary permits
  3. Provide job specs, materials, and layout for the owners approval
  4. Asses construction materials needs for the job
  5. Prep the job site for safety and potential problematic roofing areas
  6. Carefully and efficiently repair/install roof
  7. Clean up job site and remove discarded roofing material
  8. Inspection/client approval