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Protecting Residential Homes

Homeowners need a quality roof that will provide years of protection. Greater Vancouver Roofing’s residential roofing experts will help you make the best decision for your home. We provide a variety of roofing options and explain the differences so you can make an informed decision.

The process includes:

  1. A free estimate of the current or future roof
  2. Detailed roofing options outlined with full transparency
  3. Suggested roofing product manufacturers
  4. Environmental considerations

A Secure Investment

We combine our reliable warranty with the best protection you can get – quality workmanship. In everything we do, we do it once – and do it right. We pride ourselves on offering you some of the longest roofing manufacturer warranties found in the industry, as well as the best labour warranties.

Re-Roofing and Roofing Repair

Our customers take pride in their homes, knowing that quality improvements increase the value of both their lives and investment. That’s why Greater Vancouver Roofing offers both re-roofing and repair options, and caters services to what’s best for the customer. Each roof gets a thorough inspection, taking the time to expunge all of its secrets – new or old.




What We Do

Protect your business, condo, apartment complex, townhouse, warehouse with a reliable roof constructed by a professional roofing company. We are the go-to team that many commercial and industrial businesses depend upon for roof repairs, installs and replacements.

Accidents happen, and roofing is no different. When roofing repairs are needed, trust us to repair your home in a safe, lasting manner.

As a homeowner you want to make certain that the roof you purchase will provide years of protection for yourself, your family and your belongings.