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Feedback from some of our valued customers


Lorna Hall, Marpole

These guys were great! Not only were they super professional, but they left my yard in great shape – no huge cleanup like my neighbours’ crew. This made the whole process easy


James Bradley, White Rock

When we found out our asphalt shingle roof needed to be replaced, I was pretty stressed out about the cost, the disruption to our daily routine, and the possible damage to our yard. We have a koi pond in the backyard, and they’re just lovely. What if they had to swim with junk?
GVR was just amazing – they came in like they were ready to do battle, but left without a trace – all except for my nice new roof, of course. Our heating bill has even reduced some, now that the new cedar shakes are helping keep the heat indoors. 
I just can’t give enough positive feedback about what a great customer experience this was. If you’re going to pick any company, these guys should be your first call


Raj Parmar, Stanley Park

Last year we had a major windstorm and some of the trees along the seawall came down. We had a cedar tree come down in the backyard and take out a large portion of our roof and gutter above our patio. 
The worst part is that we vacation in this house a few times a year – we got a call from our neighbour, telling us we had better call an emergency roof service, or restoration services. Water damage was EVERYWHERE, and we needed mold removal. Before we knew it, our insurance company was dragging their feet. We were looking at a major disaster in the biggest investment of our lives. Our consultant from GVR was excellent – they worked with the insurance company to get restoration services, and turned everything around. I have no idea what we would have done without them!


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